Entry Level Cabs-Less than $15

Michael Pozzan Alexander Valley Cab 2014 is easy to drink and its acidity allows it to pair well and show well with a variety of red meats and even red sauces.  It has a long finish   This wine doesn’t scream of vanilla or baking spices even though it enjoyed 12 months in French Oak. .  It’s around town for $15ish. That’s a good deal compared to Silver Oak which also hails from Alexander Valley.  In addition to sourcing the very best fruit, it also undergoes much longer aging.  The 2012 Silver Oak is just being released this week.

Sterling Vintner’s Collection 2014 is a super soft, super smooth Cab.  I think a lot of people would really like it but it’s almost a little flabby for me. It’s got the tannins but the acidity is lacking. But don’t worry, no one will spit it out.  And the nice thing about Sterling is the Vintner’s Collection is their entry level Cab.  The winery offers multiple higher tiered selections. Their Napa Valley Cab is still less than $20.  That might be your best everyday bet.

In Case You Were Asking “Where is the Cab?”

Black  Coyote Reserve 2006 Napa Valley

It is ten years old and it has aged beautifully!  Although this wouldn’t fall into my everyday consumption, this wine is available at Specs in limited quantities (I checked!!).  This is in the $60-$70 range and I feel it was very good for the price.


A big, Napa cab with flavors of dark berry, dark ripe plum, with some cocoa and baking spice.  The flavor was robust and the tannins were smooth and velvety.  It was so darn easy to enjoy this wine.

The label puts the alcohol at 15.2%, but the leeway on labeling alcohol by volume is 1.5% in either direction.  I felt this one was close to 16%.  At that alcohol level, I recommend and advise that you enjoy it with food!  Something hearty such as red meat, whether steak, brisket, roast in red wine, or lamb.  Enjoy.