T for Texas, T for…Twomey

Lining them up this New Years Eve. Silver Oak Cellers hits a good note with this Twomey 2009 Merlot.  $50-ish.  I’m not sure.  It’s been in the cellar a few.  

Complex blackberry, black tea, dried herbs, cola, dill and tobacco.  

Not on the EveryDay list…but splurge worthy for New Years Eve and football. 

Have a safe evening.  I’m not driving anywhere!!

One thought on “T for Texas, T for…Twomey

  1. Looks like a great suggestion. You must have a lovely cellar. 🙂
    We will try a Pasqua 2013 Amarone with a standing rib roast and Rosace à l’Orange from Mary Berry tomorrow. Tonight bubbly at home; like you, no driving tonight.
    Hugs and may you guys have a lovely 2017 – and thanks for the blog this past year.
    Fred and Sherry


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