Sometimes it’s NOT about the Wine

WiFi can be iffy.  I was thinking of my Spritz photo.  The herbal Aperol with prosecco and orange.  Feel like you’ve walked 20 miles across a cobblestoned Mecca of diversity with Espresso, leather jackets and perfume??  Have a Spritz for medicinal purposes.  Cures everything.  The bird knows!!! Piazza Republica Florence

One thought on “Sometimes it’s NOT about the Wine

  1. Love the blog. Look forward to it all the time.
    Just discovered Aperol a couple months ago. I have been a Campari drinker for 30 years, and just discovered this cousin. My heart still lives for Campari, but Aperol is Sherry’s favorite now.
    Keep up the amazing work.
    Freddy (and Sherry). Anniversary tomorrow.


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