Real Men Drink Pink

I knew I had done my job well of bringing new wines into our home, when I found my husband choosing a Rose out of our wine bin without any input from me. He has always been happy with my Rose choices while dining out, but I had yet to see him choose Rose from ten open bottles of cold wine. Victory!!

I will re-iterate.  Rose is super good friendly, goes well with a wide range of foods and usually is priced to Enjoy!

I Josh Cellars Rose 2015.  This beautiful dark salmon pink Rose is blended and bottled by Joseph Carr.    It has more body than most Rose you would find from Provence. Not-so-subtle flavors of strawberry and raspberry.   Alcohol by volume 12.5%.   Joesph Carr started his Josh Cellars line in memory of his Dad, Joseph Carr, called Josh by all his friends. 

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