Marsannay Rose´

So we are getting a little quirky here.  This next selection may not be as easy to locate in your area.  I am trying to recall where exactly I purchased it from, but I know that it was locally.  My guess would be this came from one of those darling little wine bars that have cropped up on several corners in Houston.  You can go in and enjoy a glass or bottle while sitting on some cute little velvet couch, and, if you enjoy your selection, they have a retail price list so you can purchase a bottle or case to take home.

I enjoy these wine bars because like me, they often get off the beaten path.  They often buy from smaller distributors who in turn often carry wines from smaller production wineries. So rather than a production of 700,000 cases (think Meomi Pinot Noir), you will find wines in the 300 to 30,000 cases.  Big difference.  Smaller production wines make me feel as though I am drinking something uniquely hand crafted… probably because they are just that!

This particular Rose comes from Marsannay in the wine region of Burgundy, a French region beloved for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Burgundy is hugely historic in the world of wine and is usually one of the first wine regions studied when you are, in fact, studying.  And when I can get past the “Names are places, and places are names” style of label organization AND the fact that I don’t speak French, it is awesome to delve into the very fabulous juice produced here. So awesome are the whites and reds of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Rose just isn’t mentioned. So this Regis Bouvier 2014 Marsannay Rose, is ‘RARE’.  I LOVE RARE WINES, don’t you?

Regis Bouvier Marasnnay Rose
Regis Bouvier Marasnnay Rose

This Rose, in the $20 range, is a little more complex, which means you can discern more aromas and flavors. It is a beautiful light bodied rose with a crisp and clean acidity.  Aromas of bright cherries and roses, some red apple and orange with fine minerality.  Pleasant finish. I’m proud to say I enjoyed it In the evening with my dog and a sunset.

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