CabRené Loves Rosé

imageRose is  Summer in a Bottle

It’s June and while it may still occasionally feel like spring in New York, summer has arrived with a vengeance in Texas!!

To me, summer means Rose´.  It is perfect to enjoy on the boat dock or patio on a hot summer day and continue sipping right into our hot, muggy evenings.  I love it all by its little lonesome self. But here is the BIG tip…

Rose´pairs beautifully with almost any food!!  I’m blonde and Rose´is a no brainer.

Rose´is so versatile that you can sip on it with salad, seafood, chicken, cheese plates, tandoori and even barbecue!   Yes, BarBQ!!!  And although I prefer a heavy Red wine with my steak, I would never turn up my nose at a Rose´.  This is the easy wine.  The one to keep multiple bottles of on your coldest shelf in the fridge.  The one that is so pretty and pink.

Here is the other big tip.  When you are looking over a wine list at dinner and nothing looks comfortingly familiar (or, if it does look familiar, it looks expensive darn it!), look to see if they have one or more bottles of Rose´.  It is not unusual to find a bottle of Rose on a restaurant wine list for $25-$35 and, like I said, it goes with everything.  So it doesn’t matter if everyone is ordering wildly different appetizers or entrees!!  And,  my last tip, no one will ever think you are being cheap because Rose’s are the coolest thing going right now!

And get over that “I don’t drink sweet wine” excuse, because the majority or Rose’s are dry!!!  They are nothing like White Zinfandel or the blush wine of your mother’s day.  Rose’s range in color from pale salmon to cherry pink.  The pale salmons tend to be bone dry and extraordinary crisp!  The darker wines tend to be softer and rounder in style and may even have some mild tannins.    Flavors tend to encompass strawberry, watermelon, grapefruit and, my favorite, minerality!

If you are considering what mixed case of Rose’s to purchase (Yes, a case!  It’s cheap!!!), you would want to include classic Rose´from Provence, France, but Rose´ is made everywhere and from almost every red grape.  Spain makes beautiful Rose from Garnacha (Grenache) and Italy has their Rose´ of  Sangiovese.  Around the world, Rose´ is made from Pinot Noir, Cabernet, and Syrah, to name a few.

Drink it young.  Drink it cold.  Just drink it!!!



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